Furnace bannerMany type of furnaces we have been developed and produced for metalworking industry, especially for aluminium industry. We also made base on customer requirement or customized.

Tilting Melting Furnace

Tilting Melting Furnace is intended to transform solid aluminium into liquid by applying heat to crucible at certain  of time. After all materials have been melted completely and target is reached, the crucible is tilted for pouring the molten out into transport ladle.

Soonest crucible return to zero position, this furnace is ready to restart melting new charging materials. Quality of this furnace depends on the endurance of construction at maximum load, the stability of movement while pouring, and the quality of lining for non-stop operation.

By combining with approriate burner system, whether gas / oil fired ; it will offer maximum performance, highest safety and economical in the long run production.

Features :    Tilting Melting Furnace MCAN WM
  • Tilting furnace is mounted by metal bearing block on sturdy frame.
  • Tilting axison rigid horizontal bar for pouring stability.
  • The furnace is tilted by 2 powerful hydraulic cylinder and power pack driven
  • Low heat loss by combining selected refractory materials.
  • The heat source can either gas or oil burner.
  • Automatic control to ensure high productivity, efficiency and safety.

Bale Out Holding Furnace

Bale Out Holding Furnace is needed for supplying molten luminium to mold or casting machine from time to time. It holds molten aluminium at pouring temperature which is very important factor to obtain cinstistently good qualitty casting product.

Combine with appropriate system whether Hi-Lo or modulating for gas or oil fired ; SCR for electric heater will offer maximum performance and economical operation in the long production.

Features :   Bale Out Furnace MCAN WM
  • Design to pursuit needs for melting and holding process.
  • Low heat loss by combining selected refractory materials.
  • The heat source can be either gas / oil burner or electric heater.
  • Gas or oil fired furnace equipped with an exhaust stack.
  • Emergency drain hole with metal leak detector.
  • Dome lid of pressed steel plate with excellent insulation.
  • Automatic control system to ensure high productivity, efficiency and safety.

Bath Holding Furnace

Bath Holding Furnace is designed to be reliable companion for High Pressure Die Caster. Same as Bale Out Holding Furnace, Bath Holding Furnace also needed for supplying molten aluminium to mold or casting machine from time to time. It holds molten aluminium at pouring temperature which is very important to obtain consistently good quality casting product.

Bath holding furnace is suitable for use in aluminium die casting process where it receives the molten aluminium from Central Melting Furnace.

Features :

Bath Furnace MCAN WM

  • Opening for charging and bale out wells have insulated lid.
  • Power control of heater using SCR system to keep stable temperature and result heater element life longer.
  • Equipped with drain hole for quick cleaning the well or replacing the molten alloy.
  • Heating elements in box heater insulated by ultra low conductivity ceramic to focus direct heating to molten aluminium effectively that reduce energy consumption.

Central Melting Furnace  central melting furnace mcan WM

  • Central Melting Furnace comprises a melting chamber, a holding chamber and automatic material charging system to supply molten aluminium dia casting machines.
  • It’s compact design, not only saves spaces and energy, it is safe to operate too.
  • The temperature of molten aluminium can be regulated and a level indicator / probe allows the surface level of the molten alumunium to be monitored.

Integrated Continous Furnace

Integrated Continous Furnace MCAN WM

  • Integrated Continous Furnace, which is a melting, holding chamber and also a bale out chamber been integrated in one furnace.
  • This furnaces also equipped with an automatic material charging system.
  • It is compact design, not  only saves space and energy, it is safe to operate too.
  • This furnace suitable to supply molten aluminium to aluminium die casting machine which using robot.

Reverberatory Furnace

Reverb Furnace MCAN WM

  • Reverberatory Furnace are widely used to melt secondary aluminium scrap in big quantity for eventual use by die-casting industries.
  • The term reverberation is used here in a generic sense of rebounding or reflecting, not in the acoustic sense of echoing.
  • For handling convenience, an optional conveyor system can be incorporated to transport molten aluminium from the furnace to individual holding pots or ladle transfer located elsewhere.

Heat Treatment Furnace & Drying Oven

Heat treating is a metalworking processes used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of a material. The most common application is metallurgical.

Heat treatment involves the use of heating or chilling, normally to extreme temperatures, to achieve a desire result such as hardening or softening of a material. Heat treatment techniques include annealing, case hardening, precipitation strengthening, tempering and quenching.

Herewith some kind of Heat Treatment Furnace and Drying Oven that we produce :

Heat Treatment MCAN WM        Continous HT MCAN WM

         Heat Treatment Furnace                    Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace

drying oven MCAN WM         continous drying oven WM

                     Drying Oven                                       Continuous Drying Oven