Burner & Combustion System

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Hi-Temp Gas Burner

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Hi-Temp gas burner is a compact premixing burner suitable for high temperature application with fuel efficiency for LPG or LNG consumption. The burner is designed to supply flame directly into hot chamber and able to withstand thermal shock, back pressure of firing and heat transfer with no failure.

Head burner is made of special cast iron with resistance characteristic. This system can be applied for On-Off of Hi-Lo system with capacity range from start from 50,000kcal/hr to 6,000,000kcal/hr.

Gas Pipe Rack / Gas Piping

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Gas Pipe Rack or Gas Piping as one our custom product and also service product. Safety and fuel efficiency as the big things that need to be concerned.

As our quality standard, we doing leak testing for every joint, welded and component. In case, for high safety needed, we also can do the x-ray testing and concentrate testing.

For efficiency will be achieved and to be known, gas metering system will be good solution as controlling system.