Aluminium Process Equipment

Aluminium Process Equipment BannerHerewith some of our product for aluminium process equipment :

Ladle Transfer

This unit can be applied for cast iron , aluminium, steel, brass/bronze. Ladle is lined by non-wetting castable or crucible. For ladle handling purpose, ladle is equipped with hanger and gear box or fork pocket according to handling method. We also made base on customer requirement or customized.

ladle transfer 250kg gb mcan 200x225 WM

Features :
  • To maximize keep the temperature, ladle cover should be as a solution.
  • Good balance during tapping, transport and pouring. And also easy handling.
Ladle capacity :
  • For Al : 250kg, 400kg, 500kg, 600kg
  • For Cu : 500kg, 1000kg
  • For Fe : 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg

Ladle Preheater

For supporting production process, to supplying molten from melting furnace to holding furnace or casting machine. We develop and produce ladle preheater for cast iron, steel, aluminium and brass / bronze process.

Ladle preheater will condition lining to hot temperature at fast, automatically, consistently in order to achieve casting process easily controlled just in time. We also made base on customer requirement or customized.

Ladle Preheater MCAN WMBurner type : Hi-Temp burner

  • Capacity       : 75,000 or 150,000kcal/hr
  • Fuel              : Gas (LPG or Natural Gas) or oil
Control and safety devices :
  • Cover and stand will be designed according to ladle size.
    • Panel control equipped with temperature controller and burner controller.


Conveyor Ingot Casting

conveyor ingot casting MCAN WMModern aluminium that flow out from reverb furnace will fill into moulds through a rotate distributor in obtaining same volume and weight at every moulds.

We design conveyor ingot caster according to requirement of customer to suit flow process and lay out.