Aluminium Process Control

aluminum process control bannerHerewith some of our product to maintain good quality while aluminium production process :

Gas Bubbling Filtration / Rotary Degasser

Gas Bubbling Filtration or well known as Rotary Degasser is designed to degas hydrogen an clean non-metallic inclusions in molten aluminium by using argon or nitrogen as purge gas.

A shaft inject purge gas into molten below the surface to form bubbles, while the rotating impeller that immerse in molten shears the bubbles into clouds of fine bubbles. These kind of fine bubbles have very large contact surface area and gain more affinity energy to pick of molten surface, releasing hydrogen in the air and inclusions to dross.

There are some models of gas bubbling filtration or rotary degasser that we produce :

Rotary Degasser fixed mcan WM     Rotary Degasser mobile mcan WM     rotary degasser hanging MCAN WM

       Fixed GBF ( RDG-F)                       Mobile GBF ( RDG-M )                 Hanging GBF ( RDG-H )

Flux Injector

Flux injector is designed to degas and clean molten aluminium using mixture flux-gas. The flux that carried by argon gas is injected into molten below the surface through lance pipe and disperse as tiny particles which has big surface area to volume ratio.

It wil produce tremendous reaction at high temperature which perform degassing and cleaning effectively to removal of hydrogen content and non metallic inclusions.

Features :
Flux Injector MCAN WM
  • Fully automatic system that give freedom to operator on moving to concentrate on molten treatment.
  • Process parameter i.e.: feeding time, pressure of hopper, pressure of gas carrier, gas flow and interval time of speed motor are adjustable according to batch capacity.
  • Available flush system to remove the residue inside the pipe line and parts to avoid blocking.
  • Easy to move on trolley to access other treatment at nearby furnaces.

Vacuum Porosity Tester

Vacuum Porosity Tester is a desktop quality product system for checking porous level in molten aluminium under vacuum condition. Design ideally for fast, repeatable and reliable, this can be placed next by furnaces for accurate on site monitoring of quality standard .

VPT 2017 250x250This unit performs qualitative analysis of gas content diluted in molten aluminium and give primarily condition of potential defects, such as: porosity, blow holes, which are major problems in producing aluminium casting products. Once it is noticeable, the further treatment can proceed to  ensure molten free of gas prior to casting.

Designed to run  testing process automatically as easy as pressing start button, achieve target vacuum level , hold vacuum at certain of time, the end the process by releasing fresh air into testing chamber, ready for next test.

Aluminium Porosity Measurement System

Presentation Column PMS MCAN

Foundries and die casting process depend on vacuum porosity test to assess gas and inclusions level in molten aluminium alloys. To quantify the results, however user must rely upon a visual comparison yields subjective results that maybe affected by biases in interpretation. To combat that subjectivity we develop equipment that will permit a 30 second measurement of the porosity of the vacuum porosity samples.

Hydrogen Content Analyzer

It is used on the shop floors of production foundries around the world, providing quantitative measurement in the melt within 5 minute of sampling.

hydrogen content analyser mcan 225x275

Aside from its use as a quality control tool, the instrument can be also be used for the evaluation of melt treatments. Financial benefits also accrue from lower scrap rates and reduced energy and labour costs. These savings often allow the retrieval of the capital cost of the instrument in less than one year.